Francisco Perez Mackenna

PANEL II in 2010

Picture of Francisco Perez Mackenna

Francisco Perez Mackenna has served as Chief Executive Officer of Quinenco since 1998. Quinenco is one of Chile’s largest business conglomerates with consolidates assets of over US$ 33.1 billion. It is the controlling entity of a number of leading industrial and financial services companies in diverse sectors of the Chilean economy.
He is also a Director of many Quinenco group companies, including Banco de Chile, Madeco, CCU, Inversiones y Rentas, LQIF, ECUSA, CCU Argentina and Banchile Corretores de Bolsa, and Advisor to the Board of Vina San Pedro Tarapaca. Prior to joining Quinenco, between 1991 and 1998, Mr. Perez Mackenna was CEO of CCU. Mr. Perez attended the Universidad Catolica de Chile, majoring in Business Administration. He holds a MBA from the University of Chicago.

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