Cristian Larroulet Vignau

Panel III speaker in 2009

Picture of Cristian Larroulet Vignau

Cristián Larroulet Vignau graduated from the Faculty of Economy and Administration at the Pontificia Universidad Católica (PUC) de Chile and holds a Master of Arts in Economics from the University of Chicago.

Currently he is Executive Director at Libertad y Desarrollo, a private think tank, independent of political, religious, business and governmental affiliations. This institute was ranked third in a ranking of think tanks in Latin America in 2008 by the Foreign Policy Research Institute. He also serves as Dean and professor of economics at the Faculty of Business and Economy at the Universidad Del Desarrollo (UDD) in Santiago, Chile.

In addition to his academic work, he has also held diverse positions in the Chilean public sector. Among them are: Chief of Staff of the Finance Minister, member of the National Commission for Privatization, Head of the Antitrust Commission, and member of the Board of several public enterprises.

Mr. Larroulet has published numerous scholarly articles dealing mostly with privatization, public finance and economic development. He has published "Soluciones privadas a problemas públicos" and "Chile 2010: El Desafío Del Desarrollo".

He is a member of The Mont Pelerin Society, a member of standing at the Chilean Academy of Social, Political and Moral Sciences, an advisor at the Businessman's Generation, Miguel Kast Foundation, and a member of the Jury of the International Award "Templeton Miguel Kast", which endeavors to highlight those institutions involved in promoting solutions to the problem of poverty. He's also councilor founder of the International Foundation for Freedom (IBF) chaired by Mario Vargas Llosa.

In 2007 he was honored with the Award Commercial Engineering, by the Economics and Administrative Sciences Foundation, from the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. That same year, he was honored with the Award Education - Enterprise 2007 by the Confederación de la Producción y Del Comercio (CPC) and the Ministry of Education.

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